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Smart Solution Profile

Smart Solution is dedicated to adding value to its client’s businesses through the use of technology. We achieve this through a unique combination of skills, and our focus on exceptional client service. Smart solution is the team of highly professional people and has vast experience in their related fields

Business Consultancy

Smart Solution not only provides IT products to its clients, it understands the needs of particular business and then provides a solution that would in turn increase the growth rate, Marketing and operational efficiency of the business. In this competitive environment we believe that only that business can survive that is well equipped to take up challenges in terms of their strategic position and we as a team help the entrepreneurs in reaching to that level.

Business Applications

Smart Solution is among the pioneers in developing business applications catering to the need to variety of corporate entities. Our top of the line business applications are namely Association Management System, School Management System, Learning Management System, Event Management System and Enterprise Resource Planning. One of our highest-ranking applications among our list is Falcon-Association Management System

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Event Management

Our dedicated team has made their mark in the event management field by booking events like Pakistan Auto Show that has been ranked one of the top events of Pakistan. Moreover, in the calendar year 2019 Smart Solution would be organizing two major events namely Pakistan Auto Show and Engineering 360. Engineering 360 is a brainchild of our company that has been idealized in the current CPEC scenario and would be targeting sectors like Machinery, Raw Material, Joint Ventures, Original Equipment Manufacturers.

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Web Solution & Marketing

Web Solution & Marketing has been an integral part of our business. By web-solutions we mean that we provide complete business planning to our customers and not only providing them with web designing rather it provides a platform for its customers to showcase its products in a manner to integrate in local as well as international market. Our web designing domain starts from complete designing, flow charts, Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) till web layout. We keep our customers updated about the customer traffic on their websites and about other relevant details.

Team Petrol Solution also guide their customers ways through which they can increase their customer traffic and how they can hit their target customers. It is pertinent to mention here that Team Petrol Solution is aggressively involved in using other social media tools for marketing our client’s product line. These tools may include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other mediums. It is important to mention here that we have a long list of customers that opt for social media tools to further penetration into local and international market. Furthermore, the said medium also gives the platform to our business clients to capture B2C business segment of the industry.

Printing & Designing:

Smart Solution provides one window operation to every customer. Smart Solution specializes in Off-set, Digital and Gravure Printing with the quality results. Main SOPs of this division is to provide quality services by following strict timelines. We have a long list of satisfied customers through this division.